LAD (Aviation) Inc. t/a Charles Taylor Aviation invites you to bid, within the published Terms & Conditions of sale, on the following salvage:

Bid #  181018-5-110405C - Closes October 18, 2018 at 4PM CDT

Offered Without Airframe Data Plate.


Registration: N454RK

Airframe: 2006     Model: Cirrus     S/N: 2084    

Total Airframe Time: Current Flight Hobbs Reading: 1,948.2 Hours (Appears to be the time used in the airframe logbook to identify ACTT)

Current Hobbs Reading: 2,264.3 Hours


Engine (Engine was exposed to heat/fire)

Manufacturer: Continental     Model: IO-550-N     S/N: 913930    


TT:  Logbook Entry shows RAM Overhauled (0.0 TSMO on 10/2/15).  Engine installed on 11/14/15 at 1,717.2 Hours (Flight Hobbs Reading).  Current Flight Hobbs Reading is 1,948.2 Hours  

TTSMOH: 231.0 Hours



Manufacturer: Hartzell     Model: PHC-J3YF-IN     Overhaul: 06/28/12 by Sensenich Propeller Service, Inc     New Blades: Installed at Overhaul

Installed: 08/28/12 at 679.6 Hours




Type Make Model
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Date of Loss: October 31, 2016 

Brief Facts: Following a normal engine start the pilot states she heard a "pop" followed by the smell of smoke, erratic engine sound and the illumination of the oil light.  Ground personel alerted the pilot that there was a fire in the engine area and the engine was shut down.  It appears that a cylinder fuel drain line hole allowed fuel to leak onto the lower cowl and ignite shortly after engien start.     

General Description of Damage (May not be limited to the following obvious damage):  The engine, engine cowls, engine accessories, engine mount, electrical, firewall and lower, forward composite fuselage (fuselage to lower firewall area) were subjected to heat/fire.  It is undersotod that the composite damage is repairable by way of a Cirrus Aircraft engineering repair scheme.  -  You are encouraged to inspect the wreckage before bidding.


Location of Salvage for Inspection:  at Clear Star Aviation, Addison Airport (KADS), Addison, TX - Clear Star Aviation: 972-267-2376 or email: to schedule an appointment to view the salvage.

CONTACT: Chris Klein     (972) 447-2075 ; Fax (972) 447-9050

EMAIL: Salvage Department

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