The following Terms and Conditions apply to all salvage offered by LAD (Aviation) Inc. t/a Charles Taylor Adjusting for any and all insurance companies and/or other clients. These Terms and Conditions apply to all bids regardless of bid source. All bidders must review and accept the Terms and Conditions of the sealed bid sale prior to bidding.


LAD (Aviation) Inc. t/a Charles Taylor Adjusting (hereinafter "LAD") is a claim management firm, and as part of its duties to insurance carriers and other clients it represents, offers available salvage for sale to the highest bidder. LAD reserves the right to reject any and all bids. All sales will be conducted under the Terms and Conditions outlined herein, without exception. This web site, and its contents, are the property of LAD and cannot be copied, duplicated or used for any purpose without our written permission.


DEFINITIONS:  When used herein, the words “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to LAD (Aviation) Inc. t/a Charles Taylor Adjusting, and its affiliated companies.  When used herein, the words “you” and “your” refer to any salvage bidder or buyer who reads and accepts the Terms and Conditions stated herein and/or who submits a bid for salvage through this web site.

When used herein, the term "Salvage Award Date" refers to the Day, Date and Time that bidding for the subject salvage will be closed, after which no further bids will be accepted.

SALVAGE STATUS: Each prospective bidder should inspect the salvage item, or arrange for any inspection of that salvage item, at his/her/its own expense, prior to bidding. LAD will not furnish labor or pay any fees incurred for bidders to conduct an inspection or to document research on any salvage item. Your failure to inspect, research or otherwise educate yourself regarding the current status, condition, or state of the salvage item will not constitute grounds for a claim of damages or withdrawal of your bid. Each salvage description is based on the best information available at the time of bid sheet preparation. However, LAD and/or the insurance company or client involved make no warranties or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, as to the salvage item or its various component parts and/or sub-parts, regarding the quality, fitness or condition or the subsequent reuse of any item. No monetary adjustments or withdrawal of bid based on a failure of the salvage to meet any bidder expectations will be considered.

LOCATION OF SALVAGE: All salvage, and any available component parts removed for any reason from that salvage, will be sold "AS IS" & "WHERE IS" without exception. The successful bidder shall assume all risks as to the condition and quality of the salvage being offered. The successful bidder will assume all costs associated with removal, packaging and loading, transporting, and shipping of all items associated with each individual salvage sale regardless of the location(s).

BIDS: All bids must be submitted in a legible manner on the form provided on our website. The submission of bids on other than LAD form does not waive or amend the requirements of the Terms & Conditions stated herein. All bids must be received by LAD on or before the specified Salvage Award Date. Bids received after the Salvage Award Date will not be eligible for the subject salvage. The highest bid submitted as of the Salvage Award Date shall be declared the winning bid. However, LAD and/or the insurance company or client involved, reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids at its/their discretion without further explanation.

PAYMENTS: The successful bidder is required to provide payment within 15 days of the Salvage Award Date. Our failure to reach you by telephone or other means on the award date does not extend the payment period. Payment must be made in certified funds, either a certified bank check, cashiers check or by wire transfer. Under no circumstances will LAD accept a personal or business check, cash, or other payment methods. Failure to remit acceptable payment will subject the salvage to re-award after 15 days, without notice to you, unless arrangements acceptable and agreed to by us are made. The failure of a successful bidder to timely remit acceptable payment for a salvage item will constitute grounds for us to reject any and all future salvage bids from that bidder, at our discretion.

DOCUMENTATION PROVIDED WITH SALVAGE: Under most circumstances each salvage aircraft is sold with a clear title and a completed Bill of Sale. If available and appropriate, the registration certificate and airworthiness certificate may be included with the salvage. However, the registration certificate, if included, will reflect the sale transaction. All available logbooks and related documentation provided to us will also be included unless otherwise noted on the bid sheet. However, LAD and the insurance company or client involved make no representations, and offer no guarantees or commitments as to the condition or form of title, status of any liens or lien releases, other judgments or encumbrances of any kind, or the registration certificate and/or airworthiness certificate. Our inability to provide any items of documentation will not be an acceptable basis for bid withdrawal and no monetary adjustments for the lack of documentation will be considered.

RELEASE AND REMOVAL OF SALVAGE: Upon receipt of acceptable payment as outlined above, LAD will release the salvage item(s) to the successful bidder only. The successful bidder will be responsible for making all arrangements for the removal, loading, packing, shipping and transport of all items associated with the salvage, wherever its location, and at his/her/its own expense. Buyer will have 15 days of the Salvage Award Date to remove the salvage item(s), or arrange for its continued storage at his/her/its expense. Our failure to reach you by telephone or other means on the Salvage Award Date does not extend the 15-day storage period.

LIABILITY LIMITATION: Should a situation develop where the liability, if any, of LAD and/or the insurance carrier or client it represents has been established, the liability of either shall not under any event or circumstance exceed the refund of the purchase price (i.e., the successful bid amount) upon the return of the salvage item involved.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY: Under no circumstance shall we, or the insurance carrier or other client, be liable or responsible for any injury or damage sustained by a prospective bidder while on our property, or while on the property of any storage facility where salvage is kept, or incurred during the course of inspecting or examining any salvage item, whether or not we are negligent. Any salvage bidder, or prospective salvage bidder, acting on his/her/its own behalf, who enters into any structure or area where salvage may be stored, shall indemnify us and hold us and our client(s), and our/their agents, officers, and employees, harmless from and against any and all loss, detriments, costs, damages, or expenses of any kind which he/she/it may suffer or sustain, including claims for injury or death.  It is the express intent of this paragraph that the bidder or prospective bidder hold us and our client(s) harmless from and indemnify us from our own negligence, if any.

ORAL or WRITTEN MODIFICATION:  No statement(s) by any representative of LAD and/or the insurance company, the storage facility, or any other party, shall alter or confer any right upon any bidder or buyer that alters or otherwise changes the terms of the sale or alters the bid description published on this web site.


I have read, understand, accept and agree to adhere to the above Terms and

Conditions, as a condition precedent to the submission of any salvage bid.

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